Corian Countertop Repair and Scratch Removal

Let see how I get scratches on my countertop

Guess I don’t notice or think about scratches on my Corian Counter. My wife once said something a few years back when I first put in the new counters and she seen me cutting on the counter. She wanted me to resand the countertop to remove a scratch. Yep I remember that now. Now a couple of the scratches are more like deep knife marks. Mostly I cut everything on the left side on the sink. I have drain slots routed in the countertop. All the juices and stuff tends to drip in the slots. I then take my gray scotch brite pad to clean up the food mess with a little water and wipe it right into the seamless sink. The material is soft to accept the scotch brite pad.

These two products together are a match made in heaven for cleaning up our daily mess we make on that counter. Unlike the glass oven cooktop surface which is hard like a rock so a scotch brite pad is not good on that surface. That surface is to hard to clean so I stay away from it and leave that to my wife. I always see her cleaning it with a razor blade how boring. This is how I get scratches on my Corian countertop.

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